About Us

Alliances Management is a strategic consulting firm that delivers top-quality project management, operations, and administrative services. We work with associations and standards bodies to create their organizations, formulate bylaws, and implement day-to-day operations. For our corporate clients, we deliver top-quality project or program management, as well as technical writing and other services.

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Our Clients and Partners

We serve clients such as Global Platform, the leading worldwide smart card industry and specification body; EMVCo, the world’s leading chip-based payment cards standards organization; and the EMV Migration Forum, a Smart Card Alliance initiative focused on chip card rollout in the United States. We work with market leaders across the globe, including IBM, American Express, Sun Microsystems, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, France Telecom, NTT, DataCard Group, Gemalto and G&D.

We also work with world class Legal, Financial, PR and Web partners who service management associations, namely Perkins Coie, Deloitte, Updegrove, iseepr, Ruane and Company, Kavi and MediaBits.

Where in the World Are We

Alliances Management is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has employees spanning numerous locations across the world to meet the global needs of its clients.

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