Associations have a variety of purposes. Some write specifications, others best practices, and others still provide an industry service. We've provided various views into how Alliances Management serves different markets.

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Technical Specifications

Often referred to as “standards bodies,” several associations exist to write specifications for market players to implement. Alliances Management client GlobalPlatform develops specifications for embedded applications on secure chip technology, such as smart cards, application processors, SD cards, USB tokens and secure elements. Another client, EMVCo, manages specifications to ensure global interoperability of chip-based payment cards. Associations that write specifications typically have an added layer of required support for various working groups and task forces. Further, when anticompetitive concerns come into play, a good association management company helps to manage the organization, along with legal counsel, to ensure that all legal requirements are being met.

This GlobalPlatform Case Study discusses a client challenge in increasing its membership base.

Service-Oriented Associations

Often, associations are formed to deliver a service to the market. Rather than develop technical specifications or best practice documentation, the purpose of the organization is a service itself. Consider the Entertainment Identification Registry (EIDR), which exists to provide universal unique IDs for movie assets. The organization provides a set of APIs for developers of third party applications and services, such as workflow integration, reporting, and linking to enhanced metadata. Such an organization does not require support for written specifications, but rather, needs to navigate different member requirements to develop a service that delivers value to its industry.

To learn more about EIDR, we would invite you to visit its website and read its corporate whitepaper.


With ICANN’s new generic top-level domain (gTLD) process, companies and industry organizations are deciding whether or not to create a new gTLD association. With ICANN’s preference for associations to manage top-level domains having to do with geography, communities, or generic concepts, there is a need for players in all industries to get together, define a purpose, and administer a new gTLD organization. We have partnered with Famous Four Media, a global provider of top-level domains, to launch a revolutionary advisory concept called the Governance Council.

If you are considering a new gTLD association, Alliances Management can help in a number of ways: association development and incorporation; member and client support, including application processing; Board of Directors support; meeting, conference, and event planning; website implementation; financial, audit, and budget management; legal management; marketing support; and general administration. Read a more in-depth case study using the financial services industry as an example, or simply contact us to learn more.